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Batheaston Fireworks Launch Crowd Funding campaign

Batheaston Fireworks Launch Crowd Funding campaign

We encourage our young members to find ways through difficult challenges.  Having completed 16 online scout meetings during the lockdown and are now turning our skills to how to socially distance at our annual bonfire night fundraiser.

On Saturday 7th November at 7 pm we will put on the biggest fireworks display the village has ever seen.  If you live in Batheaston/its environs, it should be visible from your own house.  You provide the refreshments, look out of the window or stand in your own garden, and we’ll put on an amazing firework display for you.

A professional display is much safer than letting off fireworks in your own garden and much kinder to your neighbours and their pets.  If you are thinking of buying fireworks this year, please consider donating that money towards this professional display.  Don’t forget that gift aid will add 25% more too!

You can donate, support or sponsor the event.  If we reach our target then the display will go ahead.  If not you get your money back. 

For more information and sponsorship please see our crowdfunding page at https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/batheaston-fireworks-at-your-fence

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