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Posted 18/04/2020 in New service

Your Announcements Made Here

Your Announcements Made Here

Members can now make announcements on this site (just like this one) to help promote new and exciting services to the East of Bath.  We put the announcements at the top of the front page for maximum exposure and we also include them in our social media posts and in our Email Alert service.

Announcements can include as many images as you like and links to your own site so you can make them as useful as possible for the reader to learn about your new service or know where to go to do find out more.

Simply go to the Announcements option to the left of your profile control panel and add a new Announcement.  Or if you prefer email us your announcement and images and we will put it up for you.

Announcements must be related to something new or different that you are offering, for example, changes in opening times, delivery services or a recruiting drive for new club members.

All announcements go through an approval process before being added to the front page of the website, your profile page and our newsletter.

Announcements are an ideal way to get the word out to the community of East of Bath - please use them! 

(Header images for announcements should be 760x400)