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The Rules and FAQ

The Rules and FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:- Where is East of Bath?

We have defined the area below as the area covered by companies on this website.

Q2:- Can I list my organisation for free?

Yes as long as your organisation is based in this area above and your services are available to some or all of the area.  Please do not list your organisation if it is outside of the box.  All accounts must be approved by the site admin before they become live.  If your organisation is outside of this box it will not be approved so we don't want you to wastie your time listing it.

Q3:-  Can "Not For Profit" Organisations register?

Definitely yes.  Youth groups, places of worship, parish councils are all welcome to register and use the site to increase the audience to your events

We would be happy to answer any questions that are not covered above as we are still finding our way with this new site - if you have a question please use the contact us form.