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Welcome to EastofBath.com

Welcome to EastofBath.com

28th March 2020

This week our lives have changed.

Many of us are now confined to our homes and more are forced to not work.  Many owners of small businesses and freelancers are wondering how they will survive the next few months and then pick up the pieces and continue to grow (or rescue) their businesses.  I understand this - I steered a small business through the last recession and it was not a pretty sight.

I want to help.  The one thing I have learnt in business is that cutting back on promotion and marketing will always lead to a reduction in business.  However, spending on marketing right now is not at the top of a small business owners list as they are in survival mode. 

I also know we are blessed to live where we do.  The surrounding countryside is beautiful and the community spirit in our villages to the East of Bath is amazing.  I have lived here in Batheaston for 22 years and absolutely love it.  We have some talented and passionate entrepreneurs in our community and it pains me to watch them go through the same thing I did 10 years ago.  Only this time is it different - much faster but hopefully only temporary.

I wanted to give something back and here it is.  EastofBath.com is a website for local organisations (that's organisations in Larkhall, Batheaston, Bathampton, Bathford, Colerne, Box and all the smaller communities in between) to list their offerings to local residents.  It allows you to promote special offers, events you are running and include your own profile page with as much information on it as you want.

Once we have a number of organisations on the site I will start to promote the site locally within the media and Facebook and hopefully gain exposure to a larger local audience for your organisation.

There is no charge for listing and no charge for viewing - this is not a money-making scheme it is simply how I have chosen to do my bit to help organisations survive the Covid 19 shutdown.

Stay safe, be kind, be useful and look after each other

Who am I

My name is Roger Chandler. Some of you may know me as Suzzy's husband, Lucy and Katie's dad, one of the scout leaders in Batheaston or the guy who does the balloon throwing at the Batheaston Village Fete.  In my heart, I am really an entrepreneur and have built a business from scratch, run it for 20 years and sold it.  I love helping people (exactly why I've been a scout leader for over 10 years) - and in my head, I am a computer geek.  

Hopefully, you now understand why I have built this site and why it's free.

Go ahead and list your organisation right now